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Why "Elaine's Art Buffet"?

I'm Elaine, and I can't commit. What media do I usually work in? What subjects do I usually base my work around? Well - like a buffet, there's a little of everything. Because I love working in different media, and I'm interested in and inspired by just about everything, there's something for everyone.

I was trained as an illustrator at the University of Connecticut, BFA class of 2004. My main focus was drawing and watercolor, but later on I discovered the joys of working digitally. After working with clients for a while, specifically pro wrestlers and pro wrestling promotions (my number one love), I began to create a body of fine art for gallery shows. 

Later, I became involved in the streaming platform, Twitch. Several times a week I livestream my artwork, both traditional and digital. I also dabble in video game commentary!

I also teach middle school art, which keeps me on my toes as an artist (and as a person!)

I do have things that I specialize in - much like the specials at a buffet. I consider myself an expert at handlettering, text design, character design, and general whimsy.

Please take a look through my galleries. I have art and prints for sale, and I also take illustration jobs. For illustration inquiries, please message me through one of my social media platforms, or email me at

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